"Olivia and Rachel go to pick up takeaway food after Rachel forgets to soak the saltfish." 

Welcome to the world of Olivia and Rachel, two best friends living in the heart of East London. The hilarious and witty duo appear for the first time in the short film "Ackee & Saltfish".

On a sunny Sunday afternoon Olivia and Rachel carry out their usual routine...absolute relaxation, however when the time comes to whip up some brunch it turns out Rachel forgot to soak the saltfish overnight. With an empty fridge, a lazy sunday afternoon state of mind and hearts set on ackee & saltfish, the two friends decide to drive down the road to Dalston to get some Caribbean takeaway. Their mission for some nourishment turns sour as the social ills present in their native Dalston divides their opinions and tensions begin to rise. Their situation escalates and somehow things turn from empty-bellied banter about Solange Knowles, and cous-cous, to heated conversations about society and the state of the world.

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"The baby committed an assault, and I'm just upset that no one sees it that way because he's a baby." 

Not ready to let Olivia and Rachel go? Neither are we. Be a fly on the wall during their everyday lives and happenings. We saw one facet of these two best friends in the film and now we explore another in this web series. You do not want to miss out on the private jokes and references in this one, so be sure to meander through Dalston high street with Rachel and Olivia in the film before you dive into this web series.

Watch the trailer below: